• Upcoming events (read the full weekly JSMW Sangh newsletter):
    • October 15th – Early Diwali Pathshala
    • October 19-20th – JSMW Diwali Celebration
      • Diwali Laddoo Pooja – October 19th, 8 AM
      • Diwali Jaap – October 19th8-9 PM
      • Snatra Puja – October 20th, 9:30 – 11.30 AM
      • Nav Smaran Jaap, Bhavna and Garba October 20th, 8 PM onwards
    • Oct 22nd – Samuhik Samayik, Pravachan, and Kaun Banega Gyanpati
  • Upcoming Pathshala Events (read the full weekly Pathshala newsletter): 
    • Diwali Lantern Exchange: This Pathshala year, we will be celebrating Diwali by having a Lantern Exchange. Please decorate one lantern at home and bring it to the 10/15 Pathshala class. Lanterns will be displayed during morning prayers and then exchanged with another Pathshala student.
    • Public Speaking Class (on 10/15): Our first class was on Sept 17th but if you’re still interested, we will accept registration up thru Oct 15th which will be the second class.
    • JYOC Shoe Drive: 900 Million people around the world live in extreme poverty. Soles4Souls is a global social enterprise committee fighting poverty through collection of your old, slightly used & new shoes. Since 2006, Soles4souls has distributed 30 million pairs of shoes in over 127 countries around the world.

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Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (JSMW) is primarily a religious, social, non-profit organization with approved 503(c) status. We welcome all individuals who are interested in Jain philosophy, live, learn, and practice Jainism. Our Center was one of the first of its kind in North America when it was established in March, 1980. Ever since then, the center has played a pivotal and pioneering role in advancing Jain thought and philosophy in North America and strengthening the roots of the Jain community in the region.


We celebrate auspicious Jain events and Jain festivals. Also, we conduct Pathshala for school-age children & for adults. We have lecture series by prominent scholars on a regular basis. We invite you to visit our center located in Silver Spring, MD.