Summer Picnic & Fun 2016Our very own vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic Ladies of the Society (Mahila Mandal) proved their superb planning skills and excellent teamwork by organizing another successful event: Summer Picnic & Fun 2016. This event was enjoyed by our members of all ages. The event was hosted by JSMW, on Sunday, July 17th, 2016 at Lake Fairfax Park located in Reston, VA. This park was conveniently located between Virginia and Maryland. The event received excellent response and feedback from its attendees.

This event would not have been possible without the selfless dedication, contribution, hard work, and tireless efforts put in by many individuals. Specifically, we would like to thank and recognize the entire Ladies Group; consisting of Jhalak Mehta, Keyuri Rajani, Manna Shah, Mily Mehta, Monali Shah, Monica Shah, Mina Shah, Padma Shah, Ripal Shah, Rupa Mehta, Savita Jain, Shilpa (Paresh) Shah, Shilpa (Manoj) Shah, Shraddha Jain, Swati Jain and Sujaini Shah. We apologize if we have missed thanking any one in person or listing their names here in this summary. Michchhami Dukkadum from the bottom of our hearts.

Listed below is the summary of the “Summer Picnic & Fun 2016” event:

  • This event was attended by 266 adults, 39 children between ages 6 and 15 years, and 25 children between ages of 1 month to 5 years. We had reserved a large shelter at the park to accommodate all the guests. The festivities included plenty of fun games, Jain and Vegan lunch and a nice array of snacks and drinks.
  • The festivities started with fun activities and games for members of all ages. Kids felt very welcome as they came in and selected tattoos, they were kept entertained at the carnival stations which included face painting, mehndi, plastic egg hunt, kick ball into bunny box, to name a few. We also kicked off some informal games like “Find Someone Who?” while several older kids played soccer, volley ball, and other games.
  • Lunch options included 100% Jain and Vegan food. The scrumptious lunch included unlimited, all-you-can-eat, puri, chole, lemon rice, pickle, gulab jamoon, rava sheera (vegan) and drinks. This was followed by a nice array of snacks which included watermelon, popcorn, kachoris, banana chips, and most relished by all was unlimited cups of “chaas” (buttermilk) which was a big hit for a hot summer afternoon. Kids and adults also enjoyed cups of vanilla ice-cream.
  • Our members were also treated to different forms of entertainment including games like “Musical Topi”, Antakshri, which by the way exposed several talented individuals as well as bathroom singers. Several of our very own enthusiastic kids and adults played Cricket and Kabaddi. There were also hula hoop relay races and other games that kept everyone busy the entire afternoon. Water balloons and water toys also were a big hit amongst the kids.
  • This event was fully financed and paid through ticket sales. Also, we received generous donations from Giant and Wegmans grocery stores as well as from several of our members.
  • There was tremendous positive feedback for this event from the members who had attended, as well as members who could not attend, expressing a regret to have missed this event, and demanding more such gatherings be organized in the future.
  • We also had members participate in the “Mehndi event” for a nominal donation towards the temple funds.
  • Some pictures are located at this link: Click Here to View Pictures!.
  • In closing, the Ladies Group is appreciative and thankful to each and every one of you as we cannot continue these fun events without the support from all of you.