Join us on Sunday, July 16th to participate in Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington’s Walkathon and Picnic!

The event will be held from 10AM to 4PM at Lake Fairfax Park, the same venue as last year.  

From 10AM-1PM, you will have the opportunity to raise money for pathshala rooms in our new temple by walking as many steps as you can. Pledges will be made through the form that is attached below. After the walkathon, we will have lunch and various activities and games planned for attendees. General admission is $10 per person.

2-Step Registration:

  1. Visit fill out the RSVP form. Payments can be completed online or via check.
  2. Fill out the attached walkathon pledge form by contacting family, friends, and neighbors. Remember to bring this form to the event so we can record your donations!

We hope to see you there supporting our temple!

Thank you and Jai Jinendra,

JYOC Committee