Devika Shah – Class B (Winner 3rd Place – Group B)

Jai Jinendra.  I am a student in Pathshala and I’m going into B2 class which is for 8 year old kids.  My parents are Jain and I learn from them.  I am going to tell you how I represent Jainism in my daily life.


One of the most important principle of Jainism is Ahimsa which means non-violence.  I am going to tell you ways that I practice non-violence with animals and beings.  My first way is I don’t eat meat because the animals die.  The second way is I don’t waste water because you are hurting the one sense beings that live inside the water.  The last way is I don’t wear leather or fur because animals are killed to make that.


Now I’m going to tell you ways I practice non-violence to the environment.   My first way is that I do not litter because animals live there and I do not want to destroy their home.  My second way is I don’t waste paper because it comes from trees.  My third way is I don’t waste plastic because animals may eat it accidentally like when there is plastic in the ocean. 

I’m going to tell you about some other ways I practice Jainism.  At my Nana and Nani’s (grandparents) house, I go to the Jain Temple and I learn sutras (prayers).  Also, I go to Pathshala and learn about the five Jain principles which are Non-Violence, Non-Stealing, Non-Possession, Truthfulness, and Control of Your Senses (celibacy). 


At school and with my friends, I practice these principles.  For example, I don’t eat meat which is Non-Violence.  I also don’t lie or steal from my friends.  When I can, I try to help other students and not be possessive of my school work.  I hope you learned about how I practice Jainism in my daily life.