Jainam Shah – Class C

Jainism is a religion.  I am going to try to explain Jainism to someone who does not know anything about Jainism.  I am going to try to explain about Karma, how to destroy Karma, and some Jain principles.  You should read this essay because, if you are not a Jain, this essay will inform you a few things about Jainism.


Karma is a little particle that attaches to your soul.  It is a consequence of your action.  There are eight Karmas.  Four Karmas are destructive to your soul and those are called Ghati Karmas.  The four Karmas that are destructive to your soul will stick to your soul until you destroy it.  The other four Karmas are non-destructive to your soul and they are called Aghati Karmas.  The four non-destructive Karmas to your soul determines what kind of physical life you will have.


First I will explain how the non-destructive karmas determine the type of physical life you will have.  For example: the first Karma is Nam Karma which will determine how you can take birth as a human, animal, hellish, or heavenly being.  Second Karma is Gotra Karma which will determine your status such as if you are born in a wealthy family or poor family.  Third Karma is Ayushya Karma which will determine how long your lifespan will be.  And the last Karma is Vedaniya Karma which will determine how you feel.  So, together these Agathi Karmas determine what type of physical life you have.  For example, you may be a wealthy man living a long and happy life vs an abandoned or homeless dog living a short and sick life.


The four Ghati Karmas that stick to your soul block things your soul wants to achieve.  For example: Jnanavarniya Karma blocks how much knowledge you can have.  Darshanavarniya Karma blocks your perception or how you understand things.  The third Karma is Antraya Karma which blocks you from achieving goals of your soul.  For example: you may really enjoy ice-cream but you are lactose intolerant.  Fourth Karma is Mohaniya Karma which is the Karma of attachments and your inner enemies which are anger, ego, greed and deceit.  The characteristics of the Karma will determine how long and how strong the Karma will attach to your soul.  The Karma characteristics are type, quantity, duration, and intensity.


I am now going to inform you how to destroy the Karma once it attaches to your soul.  There are two ways to destroy Karma.  The first way is to completely destroy your inner enemies which means to never have any anger, greed, ego, or deceit.   You can do this by exercising the five main Jain principles.  They are Non-Violence, Non-Stealing, Non-Attachment, Truthfulness, and Control of Your Five Senses (celibacy).  The second way is to do good deeds, without the inner enemies so your Aghati Karma will be positive and your next life will be in human form.  It is important in Jainism to be a human because only humans can reach full liberation, which means infinite happiness.   In Jainism all souls are equal and all souls have a right to reach liberation.  Karma will keep coming and going but the point in Jainsim is destroy it and take human birth so your soul can reach liberation. 


I hope you have learned something from my essay about Jainism.