Shivan Gangar – Class B (Winner 2nd Place – Group B)

ShivanGangar_Topic 1


Jainism is important in our everyday life. There are many principles of Jainism that we should follow. I try to follow as many Jain principles as I can. Three of these things that I use are practice Ahimsa, do prayers, and practice Aparigraha.     

Ahimsa is one of the most important ideas in Jainism. Ahimsa means not harming living beings.  We should not eat meat because you hurt animals and animals don’t harm us so why should we harm them. This is why I am a vegetarian.  Also, when you step on grass you step on a lot of bugs which kills living things.  Instead, you should walk on the sidewalk.  We should not fight with our brothers but just talk to them nicely. If you fight, this causes bad karma.  This is why Ahimsa is so important in our daily lives.

The second principle I practice is praying.  Praying is important because it gives Jains good thoughts.  I practice praying everyday using 3 Namokar Mantra before I go to school.  This helps me have a great day in school or wherever I go.  Also if your tired or stressed out, I pray to calm down.  Also, I pray every night for 10 minutes.  This helps me feel calm and fall asleep faster. I am so thankful for all the prayers and sutras I have learned in pathsala.   This is why praying is so important everyday.

The last principle that I practice is Aparigraha.  Aparigraha means to be not attached to anything.  I try to not to be possessive about any one object but instead I try to share with my brothers. Even when I play soccer, I try to pass the ball to work as a team.  Also, I try to not be attached to video games by playing with my brothers more and and playing other board games.  If I practice Aparigraha, I will be a better Jain.

As you can see, there are many ways I use Jainism in my daily life.  Using Jainism has helped me to understand my culture better.


  • Book 203(The first step of Jainism)