Summary: Spring Camp 2017

It is my pleasure to report back to you all that we had a very pleasant, joyous, and successful “Spring Camp 2017” religious camp. This was an event hosted by the JSMW, from Friday, April 7th, 2017 to Sunday, April 9th at the West River Center; a beautiful waterfront property conveniently located in Annapolis, MD. This 3 days/2 nights overnight camp was limited to first 50 children from our Pathshala (8 years and older), with a goal of exposing them to religious sessions and fun-filled activities, all offered away from their homes, families, and technology-free!

The event received very positive response from the attendees, their parents, as well as from the parent chaperones. Some feedback we have received (via WhatsApp group created for the parents) include: “When I asked my kids whether they missed electronics, they said no, and asked why would they need it, especially when we had so much fun with everyone that we did not think about them until now”, “as a parent and as a past Executive Committee member, the best event that I can think of – this kind of event has never happened since last 12 to 14 years”, “my kid was very tired today which shows how active they were throughout the weekend. They will cherish this lifelong and this was also a good way for us parents to know a lot about other kids. Please continue to do this and make it a tradition. This was an amazing experience for the kids”, “The leaders, parents, volunteers, and kids are setting a right example of doing right things for our community without any expectations in return. Really inspiring. True Jainism!”, “Glad they are having a good time. It is great to know that they will walk away from this experience with the same type of memories I have of our camps”, “Looks like the kids had an awesome time. When is the camp for us adults?”

This event was not possible without the selfless dedication, contribution, hard work, and tireless efforts put in by the Planning Committee: Shilpa (Manoj) Shah, Sonal & Chetan Ajmera, Megha Doshi, Arti Choxi, Sahil Shah, and Keyuri Rajani. Additionally, I would like to thank and recognize our parent volunteers, for their immeasurable assistance in caring for each and every child in their assigned group: Prachi Shah, Padma Shah, Nirali Mehta, Monali Shah, Sunil Dharamsi, Nitin Sogani, Nilesh Shah, and Mehul Doshi. I apologize if I have missed thanking any one in person or listing their names below. Michchhami Dukkadum from the bottom of my heart.

Listed below is the summary of the “Spring Camp 2017” event:

  • There were 32 boys and 20 girls attending the camp along with four male and four female chaperones listed above. A special thanks to Dr. Nilay Shah and Dr. Vipul Shah for volunteering to be our Camp Physicians–in-residence, for any health-related emergency.
  • There were two lodges reserved for separate overnight accommodation for boys and girls. Both lodges had two bunk beds in each room. Male chaperones were accommodated in the boys’ lodge and similarly female chaperons in the girls’ lodge.
  • We had three religious sessions delivered by our own members: Saurabh Dalal and Priyal Gandhi. Both sessions were eye-openers for several attendees and were thoroughly inspiring as well.
  • Saurabhbhai’s session, “Applying Jainism for Solutions,” reviewed the basic principles of Jainism, emphasized their importance, and discussed how they apply in our lives today. During this session, the group explored how each attendee can choose to be a “solutionary” and solve problems. The group identified fun and easy ways for kids / teenagers to further exercise respect and kindness for animals, the planet, and other people. This session was recorded. Please see the following links: Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5, Video-6, Video-7, Video-8, and Video-9.
  • Priyalben’s session, “From Dreams to Destiny: Navigating Life as a Young American Jain,” focused on how we can keep up with Jainism when both the religion and the world around us are changing constantly. She discussed how we, as Jain American youth, seem to be learning one thing in our Pathshala classroom and another thing in our lives outside of the Jain society. She spent time and took a deep dive into Jain truths that we can apply as we are growing up and pursuing our dreams. This session too was recorded, please refer to the following links: Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5, Video-6, Video-7, Video-8, Video-9, Video-10, Video-11, Video-12, Video-13, Video-14, and Video-15.
  • Additionally, we had a third religious session from one of the Brahma Kumari ladies group. In this session, “The Power of Our Thoughts and Positive Thinking,” delivered by Sister Jenna, she discussed the power of our thoughts, positive thinking, and how our inner world and thoughts manifest in our outer world. Sister Jenna also engaged the children in discussions and used crystal bowls to emphasize the power of our thoughts, vibrations and concentrating the mind. The session was highly interactive and engaged all attendees. You can see the recorded session in the following link: Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5, Video-6, and Video-7.
  • On Saturday, April 8th, the morning started with a yoga session, led by Arti Choxi and her son, Ajeet Choxi. This duo led the entire group for a morning hike by the water on Sunday, April 9th.
  • Additionally, there were three indoor activities to offer fun-filled moments that were organized by the Planning Committee. The first activity, “Chinese Family Game,” was led by Megha Doshi. Here are the video links: Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5, Video-6, Video-7, Video-8, Video-9, and Video-10. The second activity, “Scavenger Hunt,” was led by Shilpa (Manoj) Shah. Here are the video links: Video-1, Video-2, Video-3, Video-4, Video-5, Video-6, and Video-7. The third activity, “Empire,” was led by Chetan Ajmera.
  • There were two outdoor activities, organized by JYOC (Jain Youth of the Capital) team, that involved sports activities offered by the facility, and a game, “Capture the Flag.”
    Saturday, April 8th ended with an option given to the attendees where they could either participate in free time, or go to their lodges, along with their chaperone, and proceed with mini-games within smaller group.
  • All food served throughout the camp, was prepared fresh, by the venue’s staff, with guidance and recipes received from the ladies of the Planning Committee. This included the Italian, Mexican, and American cuisine. All food served met the restrictions that come with being vegetarian and followed Jain principles. The hard-working kitchen staff was extra ordinarily nice with all the attendees and treated us as their family. There was not a single instance of an exception or any errors made at all.
  • In order to have older children mix and mingle with younger kids, a concept of Buddy System was utilized and used successfully. An older child was matched with 2 to 3 younger kids such that they together were able to interact with each other as one team throughout the camp.
  • The camp, originally planned to run with an approximate deficit of around $750-800, flipped over when some parents stepped forward and showed their generosity. As a result, the camp generated a surplus of around $200, and came to an end with more than 100 GB of memories, new friendships amongst our future leaders, as well as new “detailed” friendships created amongst the chaperones. All pictures taken during this 3-day camp can be viewed at this link: Click Here.

Visitors from Yale University

Visit by Yahle University StudentsOn Wednesday, March 15th, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., JSMW hosted Yale students at our temple, as part of their interfaith DC field trip. Roughly 25 students were in attendance and they all had a fabulous time. JSMW Volunteers gave them a tour of the temple, served them dinner, and then hosted a panel style Q&A session. JSMW was impressed with their interest and questions. There was a discussion about many topics including a quick cheat sheet on how to be a Jain for a Day! Other topics included Jain Agams, Jain Cycle, Karma Philosophy, 3 main principles, how to deal with current political climate, and much much more.

A special thanks to all volunteers who helped out!!

Special General Body Meeting and Elections

Please note that we will have a Special General Body Meeting on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at 10:15 a.m. at the Cloverly Elementary School located at 800 Briggs Chaney Rd Silver Spring, MD 20905 (where our Pathshala classes are held). Click here to view the Microsoft PowerPoint slides and Draft Meeting Minutes from Annual General Body Meeting held on November 6, 2016 that shall be used during this meeting.

The Election Committee has received nominations from the following individuals and have certified them as selected without a need for further electoral process. As a result, there will be NO elections after Special General Body Meeting.

Nominations for 07 positions within the Executive Committee:

  1. President: Vacant
  2. Vice President: Vishal Mehta (selected, term until December 31st, 2018)
  3. Secretary: Vacant
  4. Joint Secretary: Vacant
  5. Director of Facilities: Vacant
  6. Director of Public Relations: Rahul Jain (selected, term until December 31st, 2018)
  7. Director of Events: Vacant

We thank Vishal Mehta and Rahul Jain for stepping forward and being selected in their respective positions, however, we still have a big hole in the top leadership position, namely that of the President. This is a crucial time in our history as we are proceeding forward to build a new Jain Temple. It is imperative that we have continuation of strong leadership and smooth transition from current leader to the next.

During the upcoming Special General Body meeting, Dr. Sushil Jain, the ChairPerson of the Board of Trustees, will open the floor and invite nominations from any interested individual for the vacant positions. This is to include the position of the President, and if necessary, will make a waiver from the usual requirements, as warranted by the situation. We urge you to attend this very important meeting to help establish the remaining open positions within the Executive Committee.

Note: Lunch will be served immediately thereafter.

Following will be the agenda for the meeting:

  • Approval of the meeting minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting held on November 6th, 2016,
  • Approval of the Constitution Revision and Updates, and
  • Nominations for the vacant positions within Executive Committee as listed above.

It is our humble request that you please join us and be part of the process. After all, “Decisions are made by those who attend the meeting, other must follow them.” (W. Buffet).

Jain’s Got Talent 2016: Summary

[fshow photosetid=72157675866740601]

UPDATE: This event was showcased in the following JAINA Newsletter as well as in Akila-India newspaper.

A “Jain’s Got Talent” was held on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, at the specially decorated auditorium of Shri Mangal Mandir located at 17110 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD 20905 under the auspices of Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (JSMW). This show was the first ever event in the history of the Society since its establishment in the year 1980.

With over 250 attendees, this event had 89 participants who presented 45 items that were broken down between four categories: Minors (9 years and under), Juniors (10 to 20 years), Adult Solo (21 years and over), and Adult Group (21 years and over). Participants ranged in age from 3 years to 65+ years old. The three Masters of Ceremony, Savita Jain, Jatin Shah, and Pulkit Gangwal did a wonderful job of conducting the ceremony in a typically humorous manner throughout the event for which they deserved special thanks of the organizers of the event.

The performance of each participant was evaluated by a panel of three judges who are well respected professionals from outside the JSMW: Ustad Hamid Hossain, Sonal Patel, and Phanindar Srimath. Based solely on their evaluations, the winning performances within each of the four categories, were called upon the stage, and the first and second prize winners received trophies from the judges.

In his concluding remarks, Janak Rajani, President of the JSMW, thanked the three judges for doing their job of evaluating each performance in an impartial manner and handed over a “Special Momento” to each of the three judges, in recognition and appreciation of their time and sharing their talents. This event was not possible without the selfless dedication, contribution, hard work and tireless efforts put in by many individuals, namely: Bela & Hemen Gandhi, Dimple Doshi, Raju Desai, Monica Shah, Pragnesh Shah, Sahil Shah, Jhalak & Sandeep Mehta, Savita Jain, Mily & Vishal Mehta, Shilpa (Manoj) Shah, Chetan Ajmera, Rachna Jain, Bhavesh Shah, Rajesh Rao, and Manan Shah.

Dr. Sushil Jain, Chairman-Board of Trustees, also spoke briefly at the function, which was half way through. He recognized Dr. Atul Shah, Trustee, for achieving a big milestone of completing 1024 days of fasting/upvas over a span of 8 years – something that only monks (30 to be specific) has done so far. He also recognized several other upvasis who achieved different milestones in their own capacities.

The auditorium was packed to capacity by the attendees whose general reaction was that the program of the talent show was a “grand success” and that all arrangements were well-thought out with meticulous planning as expressed by the attendees. The success achieved at the event was attributable, in no small measure to the collective efforts of all volunteers who were involved in precise planning and successful implementation of the entire Jain’s Got Talent show.

The program which began at 11 a.m. concluded at sharp 5 p.m.

Listed below is a summary of the entire event:

  • The event was attended by over 250 people.
  • There were 89 participants who presented 45 items that were broken down between four categories: Minors (9 years and under), Juniors (10 to 20 years), Adult Solo (21 years and over), and Adult Group (21 years and over). Participants ranged in age from 3 years to 65+ years old.
  • There were a variety of items, acts and themes, singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, Bollywood fusion to playing instruments.
  • The event was emceed by wonderful and professional artists: Savita Jain, Jatin Shah, and Pulkit Gangwal.
  • The performance of each participant was evaluated by a panel of three judges who are well respected professionals from outside the JSMW: Ustad Hamid Hossain, Sonal Patel, and Phanindar Srimath.
  • The attendees were able to purchase delicious food from Mumbia Masti (a local Jain vendor) throughout the event. Menu included Pav Bhaji, Methi na Gota, Pasta, Khichu and Tea.
    Soda and water bottles were sold by Shreyal Gandhi, and the proceeds were donated back to JSMW. After standing at the booth for several hours, Shreyal still participated in the Juniors’ category as NoVA Fusion.
  • Delicious sweet treats: Rabdi Boondi and Cupcakes were made fresh by Minal & Pinkesh Shah, and their lovely daughters, Yashvi and Harshvi Shah. All four of them were up since 1’o clock in the early morning preparing the fresh sweets. Even though the girls had little to no sleep, they both participated in the event as V-dancers, and ultimately won second prize in their category. All proceeds that the family raised were donated to JSMW.
  • Each participant received a medal to recognize their participation. There were trophies for first and second prizes within each of the four categories. Based solely on the judges’ evaluations, the winning performances within each of the four categories, were called upon the stage, and the first and second prize winners received trophies from the judges. All three judges were given a “Special Momento” in recognition and appreciation of their time and sharing their talents.
  • In the Minors (9 years and under) category, the first prize trophy was won by Vihaan Mehta and the second prize trophy was won by Dhriti Sheth.
    In the Juniors (10 to 20 years) category, the first prize trophy was won by Deesha Ajmera and the second prize trophy was won by V-Dancers: Yashvi Shah, Harsvhi Shah, Kashvi Mehta, Jaahnvi Shah, Kavya Zaveri, and Isha Rajani.
  • In the Adult Solo (21 years and over) category, the first prize trophy was won by Manisha (Kunal) Jain and the second prize trophy was won by Swati Jain.
  • In the Adult Group (21 years and over) category, the first prize trophy was won by Meeta & Kanti Gangar, Jhaver & Harilal Gangar and the second prize was also won by Meeta & Kanti Gangar.
  • We have received all pictures for the backstage, they can be viewed at: click here. All video files can be viewed at: click here. Manan Shah is currently working on processing all the front-facing pictures for professional quality. We will send you a link for all those pictures once we receive it.

D.C. VegFest Festival

For the fourth time, we are hosting a booth at the annual D.C. Veg Fest festival, just like last year, to promote vegetarianism, nonviolence and awareness for plant-based proteins.

Event Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Rain or shine!
Address: Outdoors at Yards Park in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. Lot H/I, across from Nationals Park

Please support the program event by volunteering and / or donating towards the D.C. Veg Fest. We are looking for volunteers for the booth in one-hour shifts, starting from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We also need your assistance in bringing daal and rice samples to give out at this festival. This is an excellent opportunity to do a community service project and promote public awareness about Jainism. For more information and donations, please feel free to contact Janak Rajani. If you are interested in volunteering, or someone you know would like to volunteer, please contact Ayush Jain at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, thank you to those who participated in our raffle during the Swapna Ceremony. We have raised over $300 to support our booth at this festival!

About VegFest: It is an annual festival that aims to promote animal-friendly cuisine, and the benefits of being vegetarian and/or vegan. D.C. VegFest will feature renowned speakers, good food, cooking demonstrations, and much more. For more information please visit the festival’s official website.

Here are a few reasons to attend this festival:

  • FREE admission
  • FREE food samples
  • The first 1,000 attendees receive a FREE tote bag full of samples and coupons!
  • More than 130 vendors
  • Live music
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Presentations from renowned authors and celebrities
  • More than 15,000 attendees
  • Kids’ activity area

Please note: If you’re in school, we can provide community service certificate to help with your school community service requirements.

To view pictures from the past events, click on these links: 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Nominations for UHJT and JAINA Representatives

CALL: Nominations for UHJT and JAINA Representatives

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to invite nominations for the position of United Hindu-Jain Temples’ (UHJT) Representative for one year term (Calendar Year 2017) and JAINA Directors for one term spanning over two years (Calendar Year 2017-18). The Past Presidents Council (PPC) will review all nominations received and send their recommendation to the Executive Committee by December 31st, 2016. The Executive Committee will appoint the UHJT Representative on or before January 31st, 2017.

A detailed guideline document and the nomination form for the selection of UHJT Representative and JAINA Director can be downloaded by clicking here: Guideline Document, Nomination Form for JAINA Director, and Nomination Form for UHJT Representative.

Please fill out the form(s) and send the filled form back to PresidentsCouncil@JainSocietyDC.org email address no later than midnight, December 23rd, 2016.

Policy Regarding Facility Usage

The Executive Committee has a new policy that will be enforced starting today, September 1st, 2016. As per this policy, we now welcome the use of our facility by our members. In order to provide for the equitable and prudent use of our facility, we request you to use the Facility Usage Form to rent the Jain Center for private Pooja and other events. You can also rent tables and chairs for your private events outside the Jain Center as well by filling out the Chair & Table Rental Form. The form(s) need to be filled out completely and sent it back to the Director of Facilities via an email, minimum two weeks prior to the event date. There are fee requirements that shall be enforced strictly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we ensure the maximum use of our facility in an economic and efficient manner.

Formation of Youth Committee


JSMW is proud to share that a new Jain Youth Committee under JSMW is formally starting this year! JSMW Executive Committee approved the notion of a Youth Committee for ages 13 – 19 with the objective to promote Jain Awareness, Jain Unity, and Social Service.

On Sunday, November 6th, 2016, JSMW will be holding elections for the various Youth Executive Committee positions. JSMW encourages all parents and youth to read the attached Youth Committee Charter ( click here) to better understand the objectives and guidelines for each position.

Should your youth be interested in one of the positions, please fill out the nomination form located at this link: Click Here to View the Elections Nomination Form.

JSMW is proud of their next generation of energetic leaders and look forward to seeing your nomination to take on a Youth Group leadership role!

Summary: Summer Picnic & Fun 2016

Summer Picnic & Fun 2016Our very own vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic Ladies of the Society (Mahila Mandal) proved their superb planning skills and excellent teamwork by organizing another successful event: Summer Picnic & Fun 2016. This event was enjoyed by our members of all ages. The event was hosted by JSMW, on Sunday, July 17th, 2016 at Lake Fairfax Park located in Reston, VA. This park was conveniently located between Virginia and Maryland. The event received excellent response and feedback from its attendees.

This event would not have been possible without the selfless dedication, contribution, hard work, and tireless efforts put in by many individuals. Specifically, we would like to thank and recognize the entire Ladies Group; consisting of Jhalak Mehta, Keyuri Rajani, Manna Shah, Mily Mehta, Monali Shah, Monica Shah, Mina Shah, Padma Shah, Ripal Shah, Rupa Mehta, Savita Jain, Shilpa (Paresh) Shah, Shilpa (Manoj) Shah, Shraddha Jain, Swati Jain and Sujaini Shah. We apologize if we have missed thanking any one in person or listing their names here in this summary. Michchhami Dukkadum from the bottom of our hearts.

Listed below is the summary of the “Summer Picnic & Fun 2016” event:

  • This event was attended by 266 adults, 39 children between ages 6 and 15 years, and 25 children between ages of 1 month to 5 years. We had reserved a large shelter at the park to accommodate all the guests. The festivities included plenty of fun games, Jain and Vegan lunch and a nice array of snacks and drinks.
  • The festivities started with fun activities and games for members of all ages. Kids felt very welcome as they came in and selected tattoos, they were kept entertained at the carnival stations which included face painting, mehndi, plastic egg hunt, kick ball into bunny box, to name a few. We also kicked off some informal games like “Find Someone Who?” while several older kids played soccer, volley ball, and other games.
  • Lunch options included 100% Jain and Vegan food. The scrumptious lunch included unlimited, all-you-can-eat, puri, chole, lemon rice, pickle, gulab jamoon, rava sheera (vegan) and drinks. This was followed by a nice array of snacks which included watermelon, popcorn, kachoris, banana chips, and most relished by all was unlimited cups of “chaas” (buttermilk) which was a big hit for a hot summer afternoon. Kids and adults also enjoyed cups of vanilla ice-cream.
  • Our members were also treated to different forms of entertainment including games like “Musical Topi”, Antakshri, which by the way exposed several talented individuals as well as bathroom singers. Several of our very own enthusiastic kids and adults played Cricket and Kabaddi. There were also hula hoop relay races and other games that kept everyone busy the entire afternoon. Water balloons and water toys also were a big hit amongst the kids.
  • This event was fully financed and paid through ticket sales. Also, we received generous donations from Giant and Wegmans grocery stores as well as from several of our members.
  • There was tremendous positive feedback for this event from the members who had attended, as well as members who could not attend, expressing a regret to have missed this event, and demanding more such gatherings be organized in the future.
  • We also had members participate in the “Mehndi event” for a nominal donation towards the temple funds.
  • Some pictures are located at this link: Click Here to View Pictures!.
  • In closing, the Ladies Group is appreciative and thankful to each and every one of you as we cannot continue these fun events without the support from all of you.

Summary: Panch Tirth Yatra 2016

Panch Tirth Yatra 2016 Group PictureIt is our pleasure to report back to you that we had a very pleasant, joyous, and successful religious bus trip to various Jain Temples in Pennsylvania and New Jersey area during the July 30-31, 2016 weekend. This trip was not possible without the contribution, hard work, and tireless efforts put in by the Planning Team: Mehul Doshi, Vishal Mehta, and Allap Shah. A big kudos goes to them for organizing such a successful trip that had three buses visit other Jain Centers around us.

Listed below is the summary of the Panch Tirth Yatra:

  • We had 125 yatris (48 families total) officially registered for this trip spread between three big buses: 97 adults (13 years and over), 26 children between 3 and 12 years, and 2 infants under 3 years of age.
  • We visited six Jain temples: Atlantic City Jain Temple, Cherry Hill Jain Temple, Philadelphia Jain Sangh of Samarpan Temple, Siddhachalam, Jain Center of Allentown, and Jain Society of South Central PA.
  • Our overnight stay for yatrees amongst first two buses was at Siddhachalam and for all yatrees in third bus was arranged at a nearby Super 8 Wyndham Hotel.
  • On our way back, we also visited the VRAJ Temple in Schuylkill Haven, PA.
  • We had at least one family who became a labhpati for each temple we visited: Jay and Rakhi Jariwala (Atlantic City Jain Temple), Moushmi Kothari and Jasu Doshi (Cherry Hill Jain Temple), Shantilal Shah and Bhadresh Mehta (Philadelphia Jain Sangh of Samarpan Temple), Dr. Sushil and Asha Jain as well as Parag and Nirali Mehta (Siddhachalam), Kanta Gada, Anila Shah, and Laxmi Mamania (Jain Center of Allentown), VRAJ, and Janak and Keyuri Rajani (Jain Society of South Central PA).
  • On Saturday, July 30th, we departed our Jain Center at 7:10 a.m. and on Sunday, July 31st, we returned back to our Jain Center at 9:50 p.m.
  • The yatrees’ age span ranged from 24 months to 79 years old. Despite this wide gap, each yatree had fun as well as had the chance to participate in various religious activities, including Seva Pooja at various temples, just to name a few.
  • The time in the buses were spent playing Jain Bingo, Jain puzzles, Antaakshari (with the youngest singing English songs and Jain stavans), and other games with prizes being distributed for the winners. The various activities/entertainment for young and adults were compiled and planned together by Jhalak Sandeep Mehta, Sheetal Allap Shah, Bela Hemen Gandhi, Megha Nilesh Doshi, Mily Vishal Mehta, Ami Mehul Doshi, and Keyuri Janak Rajani.
  • While we are wrapping up the expense versus income sheet, our initial estimates show a total expense of around $13,300 ($6,000 towards bus expenses, $900 hotel expenses, $400 towards snacks while in the bus, and around $6,000 general donations to all temples visited) against a total income of around $15,500 including misc. donations.
  • While at Siddhachalam, we celebrated birthdays of all those who were born in the month of July: Megha Doshi, Niyati Shah, Devang Ajmera, Monica Shah, Devika Shah, Asha Jain, Kanu Doshi, Kanta Gada, Laxmi Mamania, Aruna Shah, Bhauna Shah, and Harshad Shah. Thanks to Dr. Sushil Jain, we enjoyed delicious kalakand as part of the birthday celebrations.
  • I take this opportunity to thank many volunteers who dedicated their time and energy in making this yatra so successful, fun an enjoyable, specifically Allap Shah, Vishal Mehta, Mehul Doshi, and Manan Shah.
  • Some pictures are located at this link: Click Here to View Pictures and Videos!. Thanks to Manan Shah for being our official photographers for the entire trip.