With the continuous rise in the membership and religious/social activities, the current temple and the Jain Center facility is not adequate and that there is a need for a larger facility.  Hence, approximately 5.25-acre parcel of land was purchased in 2011 in Beltsville, Maryland near the crossing of I-495 Capital Beltway and I-95.  The Jain Society is working on building a temple complex with 2 new Shikharbandhi Jain Temples (Shwetambar and Digambar) to establish and maintain a place of worship, along with a large Community Center for religious, educational, social, interfaith, cultural and other related activities.

The Shwetambar temple will have Shantinath Bhagwan as Moolnayak.  Other Tirthankar murties will be of Bhagwan Adinath, Munisuvrat, Chandraprabhu, Parshwanath, Mahavir Swami and Simandhar Swami.  The Digambar temple will have Adinath Bhagwan as Moolnayak and other murties will be of Naminath and Mahavir Swami.  It will also have standing murties of Bahubali and Bharat. Both temples will also have murties of several Gandhars, Dev, Devi and Guru.  In addition to the 6,500 sq. ft. temple complex, the adjoining educational/social community center will be over 24000 sq. ft. and will have Upashraya, Sthanak, class rooms, dining hall, kitchen, library, conference room, office and a multi-purpose hall, etc.

The Jain Society is in the final stages of finalizing the drawings for the Shikharbandhi Temples and the Community Center.  The final drawings have been submitted to the county in spring 2016 for their approval.  JSMW is also aggressively proceeding to raise funds for the project.  The planned date for Pratishtha is August, 2018.

Address: 4241 Ammendale Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705
Conveniently accessible from I-495 and I-95 (¼ mile from I-95, exit 29A and 2 miles north of Capital Beltway I-495)